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Making the Most of a Staycation

From time to time, we all benefit from a vacation to either explore, rest, or rejuvenate. Given the current pandemic, our vacation options will continue to be more restricted for the time being. So if we can’t travel anywhere, does that mean vacations are cancelled?

Just because our vacation options are more restricted doesn’t mean we can’t use our time off. If anything, now’s the time to get creative and rethink how we spend our vacation days. One alternative to consider is having a staycation.

Staycations can be just as fulfilling and more relaxing than travelling should you give it enough structure and intention. Here are some ideas to consider about how you can make the most of a staycation.

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Take Day Trips

More often than not, we don’t usually venture off the beaten path in our busy everyday lives. A staycation provides an opportunity to break up your routine to explore any small town or nearby city that you have yet to visit for the day. Taking a day trip is the perfect exercise for exploring new neighbourhoods and places that are close by that you wouldn’t have had the time to visit otherwise. You’ll be surprised with what hidden gems you may find.

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Disconnect from Work

When we take a vacation away from home, our responsibilities are usually out of sight out of mind. The same can be true for staycations if an intentional effort to disconnect from work and other responsibilities is made. Establishing boundaries to separate your vacation space from work space are important, so you can put yourself in a vacation mindset. Disconnecting your email from your phone, putting your work computer out of sight, and closing the door to your office are some ways to leave our responsibilities behind in order to relax and fully immerse ourselves in a staycation.


Consider a Splurge

Since you don’t have to worry about the costs of airfare and lodging, a staycation provides an opportunity to splurge on something that is meaningful and valuable to you. Perhaps you splurge by taking a day trip to your local spa, make a dinner reservation at a fine dining restaurant, or book a private cooking class. Choose whatever strikes meaning, interest, and value to you. If you’re on a budget, you can modify any of these ideas and bring them to your home while having the same treat yourself effect.

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Take a Time Out

One of the most important aspects that makes a vacation a vacation is the ability to take a time out from all of the stress and responsibilities in our lives. Taking a time out from the grind of our everyday life will help set the tone of your staycation so you can focus  on the things that are relaxing and fun to you. Disconnecting from your technology and eliminating any reminders of time can help achieve this time out state and wipe away the stresses of everyday life. Then, you can use this time to do something you love such as reading, painting, volunteering, playing music, sports, and more.

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Plan Outdoor Activities

Another important aspect that can help make the most of a staycation is spending time outside. Whether you lace up your hiking boots, go for a bike ride, or ice skate, it’s beneficial to spend time outside your home. The fresh air and exercise will make you feel better while satisfying a need to explore.


Have it Done for You

Chores and cooking may be difficult to avoid when having a staycation since it’s such a looming presence in our homes. One way to make sure you don’t feel obligated to complete house work during a staycation is to have it done for you. If you can’t put aside your chores, perhaps you can hire someone to do them for you that week. You can also order takeout or go out to eat to have a break from cooking. While a staycation isn’t as worldly as a travelling vacation, you can bring a destination home for dinner through takeout. This way, you can try something new while not having to worry about cooking it or cleaning it up.

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Try Not to Overschedule

While it would be helpful to have some semblance of a schedule to structure your staycation days, we can sometimes overschedule. Try to leave some free time every day of your staycation for spontaneous things to happen. Perhaps you want to discover a part of town you’ve never been to before, sleep in, or drop by at a friend’s house. Don’t forget to leave space in your staycation days to just be with your time off.


A Staycation to Write Home About

Staycations can be less stressful and just as rewarding as a travelling vacation if done with intention. If you decide to have a staycation, consider what your intention is for the vacation. Are you itching to explore? Looking to rest and rejuvenate? Whatever it is your intention is telling you, use it as a guide to give some direction and purpose to make the most of your staycation. And most of all, enjoy it!

Written by Eleni Zaptses

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